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It’s a glorious and amazing thing to give birth, to manage to help create and grow a little life with all the potential to do so many things with their life and potentially the world. Everyone has their own ideas, thoughts and feelings about pregnancy, labour and birth and that’s part of the beauty of it. It’s also why there are thousands, if not millions of websites dedicated to it.

Here at Babes in the Womb, we understand the joy and pressures of being pregnant. Between keeping dietary requirements in check, remembering to attend regular midwife appointments and organise your home and work life for a new addition or additions to your family, it can be a welcome relief to have a check on the baby that gives you a little piece of mind.

Our blog is written by two mothers, Davina and Eileen who had regular visits to our studios to have ultrasound baby scans. Both are passionate about pregnancy, labour and bringing up their children.

We’re excited to let you share with you our experiences, thoughts and some fun stuff we’ve found to help brighten your day and give you confidence with pregnancy, labour and beyond.

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