The jargon of pregnancy scanning: What exactly does 2D, 3D and 4D scanning mean?

2D picture versus a 3D picture

We understand that when it comes to pregnancy scanning, sometimes all of the various terms that get thrown around can at very seem a bit confusing which can make it difficult in deciding just which baby scan package might be best for you. Hopefully this wee guide will help in making things a bit more clear.

2D scanning: A 2D scan is very similar to the type of scan that you will have received with the NHS. The images are in black and white and the baby is viewed in 2 dimensions only producing mainly scan images of your baby in profile. However, sometimes if you’re lucky we might also be able to catch an image of your baby’s fingers and toes as well!

3D scanning: A 3D scan adds the third dimension of depth making the images that we capture of your baby look much more real to life. As a result you are able to get a much better idea of what the shape of your baby’s lips and nose might look like. The scan images are so realistic that often prior clients will send us comparison photos of their wee ones after they are born alongside one of their 3D scan images and the resemblance is usually quite incredible!

4D Scanning: This is where most of the confusion comes in!  4D scanning takes place alongside 3D imaging with the added 4th dimension being time. What that means is that you are able to watch the 3D rendered scan images of your baby moving about in the womb in real time. We are then able to use these recordings to create lovely videos which we then set to music and personalize with captions for you.


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