What factors might influence the quality of my baby scan?

How clear is my baby scan going to be?

What many of our clients do not realise is that there are actually several factors that can impact the quality of the scan images that are produced during your visit with us, particularly with 3D/4D scanning.

Babies are wee individuals with minds of their own right from the moment of conception meaning that sometimes they simply choose not to cooperate and there is often nothing that we can do to get them moving about! One thing that we do recommend is that you have a sugary treat prior to coming in for your scan as often this will get your baby to perform. As you are probably very aware, time of day can also have an impact upon how willing your baby will be to move about during your scan. If you know that your baby tends to be more active at night, then it might be a wise choice to book into one of our evening scan sessions.

Other factors such as the shape and size of your own body will have an impact upon how clear your baby scan images are as well. For example, if you have a particularly tiny, neat bump, baby might be a bit more cramped and therefore more difficult to image. As another example, if you have extra layers of fat tissue around your tummy, this will hamper the sound waves and make your scanning images a bit more blurry. The position of your placenta can also have an impact for the very same reasons…if your placenta is anterior, (across the front of your belly rather than towards your back), the sound waves will have more tissue to penetrate making your scan photos less clear. Finally, your fluid levels within the womb can also impact the ability to view your wee one. In order to obtain a clear image, our experienced sonographers will seek to find a large pocket of fluid close to your babies face which helps in creating clear scan images. If there is less fluid and baby is smushed up against the placenta, it becomes a bit trickier to capture perfectly clear images.

The good news is that our sonographers know many tricks to try and get around many of these limiting factors. They will work with you during your scan to try different positions and might also have you leave the room for a walk about or a cup of tea and biscuit to try and get baby moving.

We also are a unique baby scanning company in that for all of our 3D/4D CD and DVD baby scan packages we carefully post process all of our scanning images and video clips in order to clear up your images giving you the best quality images possible. We painstakingly edit each image, removing bits of the placenta and clearing up the images to the best of our ability resulting in breathtaking CD roms and DVDs which we are certain you will be delighted with!

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