2D or 3D/4D baby scans?

Figuring out whether you want to see your little one in 2D or 3D imaging and 4D moving video. I know that I was looking through lots of offers of scans when I was pregnant and it can be confusing as to what to choose.

What do you get when you go for a 2D scan? Well, you get the old typical sonograms. Just like you would receive at the hospital, having a printout of a black and white (or sometimes in other sepia type colours) that let you get a glimpse of the outlines of your little baby. When you’re getting a 2D scan, the sonographer if they’re trained should be able to do a thorough check to make sure your little one is developing the way they should. Making sure that your little ones heart is beating and that things that should have grown, have grown are a real relief. There’s a wonderful feeling from a successful scan that everything’s ok that can really make your week.

All smiles 3D image

So what about a 3D or 4D scan? Well a 3D scan is single images like a screenshot on a computer showing you a still image of your baby. Sometimes the screen can look like a giant range of different sized blobs. A skilled 3D/4D sonographer can take the image and turn it around, like digitally turning around a snowglobe to see the best picture or view your little one. Although there’s more detail, textures, shapes and shading are more apparent making the images that are displayed have more depth.

A 4D pregnancy scan is actually a video version of 3D. 4D stands for 4th Dimension, otherwise known as time. Having that extra dimension allows time to be recorded. That being said, some companies like Babes in the Womb do some beautiful 4D recordings of scans. Taking little snippets of video from scans and splicing them together. Something that I can’t wait to show my little boy when he’s older.

The style of the imaging you choose is all dependant on what you want to see and how you want to see it in the future. Pictures versus DVD or video, 3D scanning images or a flat 2D image? Do you like the style of 3D or are you more of a 2D type of person?

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