How to choose the perfect baby scanning studio in Scotland

How to fins a baby scanning studioWe take time to pick out the perfect pram, choosing whether to use a crib or a moses basket and research the type of car seat you want to buy for your precious little bundle of joy. So why not take the time and effort to find the best place to get that little peek of your growing baby and get reassurance that everything’s ok? There are lots of ‘clinics’ out there that can take advantage of you and your money whilst not really giving you the service you’re really looking for.

I know, I for one took the time and effort to check out Babes in the Womb before heading there for a scan, made easier when I found out they had a studio opening in Stirling, much closer to home than Edinburgh. For me, at the time, the biggest tell of a good baby scanning company was to hear from friends who have used the company before. My family had used the Edinburgh studio before, so I had an excellent recommendation.

So what else could give you a good indication as to whether or not that the company you’ve chosen to check your baby with is of high standard?

Asking whether the sonographers are qualified can make a huge difference in your scan. Those that are qualified have been taught the necessary skills to pick up on any concerns or problems that those that haven’t might not pick up. A quick search online could show a glimpse of stories where untrained sonographers have gotten it wrong. Not really worth searching if you’re already on edge when pregnant (you could go nuts looking these things up while hormones are doing the conga and the can-can all at one time!) but it’s really food for thought.

Other things you might want to figure out before finding out if that company is right for you is by checking them out online. They might have some FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) that might steer you in the right direction. You could ask if there’s a best time to get scanned. For me, I asked when the best time for 4D scanning would be as I wanted a video. So, by asking and discussing what I wanted with the receptionist, I was able to slot in the right time and the right place with someone that was qualified and I felt confident that I was making the right choice.

Another great thing to ask is what happens when baby isn’t lying in a great position to have a good look through the 3D scan. When it happened with my scans, there wasn’t an issue. I was asked if it was convenient to visit later in the day or the next day and wasn’t charged for the session that didn’t work. After all, sometimes baby doesn’t feel like going along with the flow and performing on command!

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